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CircleWebWorks is a small web technology firm offering personal service to a unique group of clients.

I’m Lē Isaac Weaver and I started CircleWebWorks in 1997 to provide web design services for some of my audio engineering clients. For 15 years I did this work part-time, and was delighted to see my client list expand every year. In 2012 I was able to “turn the corner” and make CircleWebWorks my full time job.

As my client list has grown over the years, my skill set has expanded, making it possible for my “one-person shop” to provide the same services as many larger firms and agencies. While I continue to hone the basic skills necessary to create excellent websites (knowledge and practical application of coding standards, internet technology structure, UI—user interface design, social media integration, and SEO—search engine optimization), I am often called upon to integrate my expertise in graphic design, audio engineering, photography, substantive editing, and content creation.

The services I provide each client vary, because each of my clients has unique needs. The three largests websites I’ve developed and manage feature between 400 and 1,900 individual pages and posts, but most of the sites I design and manage are smaller sites. Some clients find a single page website (like this one) works very well for them. I work with around 50 clients at any given time.  While new site builds or redesigns often have to be scheduled a few months out, I make sure I’m never too busy to do routine update requests and site maintenance tasks for my existing clients promptly.

Please scroll down to view examples of my work.  If you like what you see, I hope you’ll get in touch to discuss how we can create a web presence which perfectly serves your unique needs.

My Philosophy

It Actually Is Personal

You’ve heard people say, “It’s not personal, it’s just business.” But you won’t hear me say that. Your work matters to you, it’s personal. My work matters to me, it’s personal. So I think it’s important to agree, right at the start, that the work we do together is going to be personal.

I don’t advertise.  I don’t talk people into working with me. I won’t try to reel you in. You’re probably here because we’ve met or one of my clients recommended me and sent you a link to this site. I’ve intentionally positioned CircleWebWorks as a small web technology firm.  My clients appreciate working one-on-one in what is usually a very impersonal sector. 

I partner with a select group of clients to help them build and manage an effective and evolving web presence. I don’t compete for jobs, because what I offer is not really best understood as the creation of a product. Instead, I offer an ongoing professional relationship in which I help my partners, people and organizations, to identify and best utilize the possibilities available online. In the course of that work, I usually build websites for my clients. But it’s what comes before and after the website build that often determines whether the financial and time investment in the website will yield a sufficient return or not.

I know almost all other web firms will be more than happy to just listen to your wish-list, submit a bid, and build a site. They may remain available to do updates after the site is done at additional charge, some may offer to perform the routine upkeep and maintenance for a monthly fee, but that’s pretty much the extent of it. You are basically left having to drive the bus of your online presence. I’m just not so sure that works very well, especially for organizations, because there is usually frequent leadership turnover. So that’s why I offer a different kind of service.

Le Isaac Weaver
Le Isaac Weaver

Since I invest a lot of my creativity and time in each project, my reward comes not entirely (or even mostly) in the form of money, but it comes in the satisfaction of seeing something work well for people I care about.

My philosophy of keeping it personal isn’t right for every situation. I know that. But if it sounds to you like we might be a good fit, let’s take an hour or two and talk about ways we can leverage available web technology to support and enhance what you are doing in the world. 

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What People Say

I am passionate about my work. Read what my clients say.

Le's website designs truly connect with the vision of the person or business. So much more than just a business or technical web design, the work conveys the essence of the message.
Diana Ensign, JD
As someone who is not proficient with computers and technology, the thought of designing a website seemed overwhelming and complicated to me. Le's assistance was invaluable in helping me capture everything I wanted to convey on the site.
Julie D. Lee, LCSW
We have been a client for 20 years now, and Le, with expertise in website creation, graphic design, and computer problem solving, has been a lifesaver. CircleWebWorks is our "Go To" for tech work.
Doug Fehribach
The Streetscape Company
Le started from scratch with the ideas I had for my website. With creativity, knowledge of all things related to web communications, and sincere care for my objectives, Le got things going just as I had hoped. Now I frequently hear rave reviews about my website, and I attribute the enthusiasm to the way Le turns my ideas into artistic, interesting, and functional web communications.
Shirley Paulson, PhD
Shirley Paulson, PhD
Early Christian Texts

I’ll be happy to provide a client reference that best addresses your unique situation.
Just let me know.

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    Here are a few of the logos I’ve designed for my clients.

    After The Closet Logo
    Journeys Fire Podcast Logo
    Christian Feminism To You Logo
    Doug Boebinger Logo
    Martha Lindenborg Vaught Logo
    Bible And Beyond Podcast Logo
    Piano Readings Logo

    Poster and Flyer Examples

    I can handle everything for you including photography, copy editing, design, and printing.

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    A few pages from IPDI’s services catalog.

    A few pages from a conference program.

    (Artwork by Lisa Bulman Taylor.)

    Rack Card Examples

    Front and back of cards shown side by side.

    Event Program Ads

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    A book cover design by CircleWebWorks
    Cover design by CircleWebWorks
    Cover photography by CircleWebWorks, design by Kate Oberreich

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    Business Cards
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    T-Shirts with Transfer Art
    Embroidered Wearables (scarves, hats, shirts, and more)

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