About CircleWebWorks

CircleWebWorks Mission

My mission is to help. Plain and simple. Help my clients, help their clients, help make a more just and peaceful world. I work to accomplish this through using my creative, technical and connection skills. I believe we are all given gifts the world needs, and it is our responsibility to intentionally use these gifts to leave things a little better after we are gone.

I started CircleWebWorks in 1998 to provide web design and hosting services for some of my audio engineering clients. For 14 years I did this work part-time, and was delighted to see my client list expand every year. In 2012 I was able to make CircleWebWorks my full time job.

As my client list has grown over the years, my areas of expertise have expanded into search engine optimization (SEO), computer and network tech support, graphic design, and other more "marketing" facets of internet technology. If one of my clients needs me to learn something new to help them, I do it. I enjoy learning new things. I enjoy helping my clients. It works out pretty well for everyone!

Client Endorsements

My clients are wonderful people, without exception! I appreciate them, and try my best to always work beyond their expectations. I could spend a few paragraphs trying to convince you that that I'm good at what I do, but I'd rather you hear my client's words.

What I like about Marg's website designs is that they truly connect with the vision of the person or business. It's so much more than just a business or technical web design. Her work conveys the essence of the message, in a way that is visually captivating.
- Diana Ensign, Author

Diana Ensign is an Indianapolis based author. I designed a small site and a blog to showcase her writing. My photography is also featured throughout her site. Click here for more information on my work with Diana Ensign.

As someone who is not proficient with computers and technology, the thought of designing a website seemed overwhelming and complicated to me. Marg was able to simplify this process by starting where I was and patiently answering my questions. She helped me understand the process and made sure I was comfortable with every aspect of the project. Marg's assistance was invaluable in helping me capture everything I wanted to convey on the site. I've had many compliments on the site, even from web designers. It has enabled me to grow my business in a difficult economy. It was a true pleasure working with her and I would recommend CircleWebWorks without reservation.
-Julie D. Lee, MCSW

Julie D. Lee is a LCSW, councilor, and therapist working in Austin, Texas. Austin's is a very tech savvy city, and there were many good therapist websites competing for the user's attention. Julie and I didn't want to put up the fanciest or flashiest website, we simply wanted to create a website that accurately portrayed the nature of Julie's work with her clients. Click here for more information on my work with Julie.

Creative, technology, connections – all together they "spell" CircleWebWorks! Why? The basic components of creativity (imagination and the ability to see associations and connect ideas) clearly come through in all Marg Herder's work. Her expertise in technology is self-evident, working out the best way to present a client's message through an attractively designed, inviting, and user-friendly website. And when it comes to connections, Marg's abilities are superb. She connects with the message clients want to present, but more than that, she connects with the clients themselves and quickly becomes a friend and colleague. I've found her a pleasure to work with. That's because she cares—really cares about her clients, about the work she does for them, and about whoever visits the website she has developed.
- Letha Dawson Scanzoni, Christian Feminism Today

Letha Dawson Scanzoni is the Website Content Manager for EEWC-Christian Feminism Today. EEWC contracts with me to work as their Web Developer. Click here for more information on my work with Christian Feminism today.

We have been using Marg's professional services for over 15 years now and she has been such a lifesaver. Her expertise in web design, computer problem solving and overall technical support has been truly beneficial to my company (and my families personal computers). Marg is our "Go To" person for all our computer needs.
- Douglas Fehribach, President, Traffic Sign, Inc. and The Streetscape Company, LLC.

Traffic Sign, Inc. and the Streetscape Comapny, LLC are street furnishing supply companies located in Indianapolis. I provide website design and hosting, web marketing supervision, network administration and computer tech support, as well as graphic design services.

I love CircleWebWorks! I work for a nonprofit retreat facility that was paying way too much money for website hosting. We have since switched to CircleWebWorks and we couldn't be happier with our choice. Marg not only hosts us at an affordable price, but she also addresses all of our questions in a very timely manner. Website maintenance is one of my primary jobs and as a person just getting acquainted with the back-end of a website I greatly appreciate Marg's help and insight. She doesn't just fix issues for me, she also teaches me how to do it myself. I am so grateful for that knowledge. I wish there were more companies out there who were as invested in their clients as Marg is.
- Bridget King, The Retreat Campus

The Retreat Campus is a Christian retreat center located in West Central Indiana. I help Bridget manage and host the Retreat Campus Wordpress website (which was designed by another company).

Marg is responsive and thoughtful whenever I have requests. She provides me with good ideas and alternative solutions. She gets the work done at a reasonable rate. On top of that, she's a kind person with a great smile. I've enjoyed having Marg manage my website.
- Susan Hazer, Hazer Designs

I designed Susan's website to showcase her beautiful handmade jewelry. It's a simple site designed to introduce the visitor to her work. Click here for more information on my work with Hazer Designs.