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Marg HerderThat's me there on the left. I'm Marg Herder, owner of CircleWebWorks. I'm a techie. I love learning, I love helping people make the most of the technological possibilities open to them.

Constantly changing technology, constantly changing consumer expectations, a constantly changing business climate, it all requires your attention. Your clients, customers, fans and even your employees expect your business to keep up with all of this change.

I can help you with the technology part.

Big businesses have an IT staff. Small businesses, well, you're often on your own. Maybe you can't afford a staff, but we'll figure out a way you can afford me.

When your information infrastructure has to change, your software has to change, your computers have to change, your website has to change, you can call me. I will help you to understand your options, and even manage the purchase process as well as the implementation.

Sometime you just need advice from someone who talks "tech" and English too. I understand technology, you understand your business. Tell me about your business and your technology challenges. I'll help you by researching and explaining your tech options.

I can help you purchase, implement, and train your employees in new software, just like I do for Peace Through Yoga.

I can help you manage your existing CMS website, just like I do for the Retreat Campus.

I can help you help you purchase new technology infrastructure, just like I do for The Streetscape Company, LLC.

I can assess your internet presence and prepare a report about where and how you it can be improved, in understandable language, just like I did for the International Association of Women Ministers.

That's only a few of the ways I've been able to help musicians, artists, writers, and small businesses. Contact me with your questions today and let's start making a difference together.