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Graphic Design

It's your face to the world. It's your brand. The design of your logo, your website, your social media sites, AND all your marketing materials (business cards, letterhead, invoices, quote sheets, postcards, brochures, etc...). If any of these look bad, you look bad. It's that simple.

But what to do? Most business people are not well schooled in what looks good. Perhaps you can tell what looks professional from what looks unprofessional, but sitting down to create something, looking at that blank piece of paper, well that can be daunting.

I've seen some bad websites that may be hiding an otherwise really good and dependable company. And I don't buy from them because they don't look like they know what they are doing, they don't look professional.

I've seen bad logos that keep people away from the business (the oral surgery center near my house uses a font on their sign that can best be described as reminiscent of that used to for a Karate movie title). The font just screams "pain!" It cracks me up every time I drive by. But you can bet I'm not going to head over there next time I need some oral surgery.

I purchased a gift certificate from one of my favorite restaurants only to find it was from a book of gift certificates they purchased off the rack at Office Depot. I was too embarrassed to give it as a gift. "Uh, here's your present. I know it looks like I got you a gift certificate to a truck stop, but really, it's a nice restaurant." I didn't buy any more from them either.

Getting all of your marketing materials looking good, putting your best face forward, doesn't have to be unaffordable. But it's not going to be free either.

The bottom line is that most business people would have a hard time making a good logo, making a professional looking invoice, postcard or website design. Most business people are good managers, or good sales people, or good planners, or good accountants, but not really good artists. And it's too easy to think that all this visual stuff is just not that important. So that's why you use a graphic designer!


If your sign, logo, business card, brochure or Facebook page is not compelling and professional in appearance, you are losing sales.

I don't do branding and graphic design for Pep si, or KFC or other big companies. The people who do that are very expensive! What I do is create AFFORDABLE professional looking graphic designs for my small business clients.

So if you are not putting your best face to the world, if you need better looking letterhead, quote sheets, T-shirts, business cards, or anything else, we should talk. I bet I can put something affordable together for you that will much better represent your business.

So call me, let's figure out how to work within your budget to make your business look great.


The slide show below shows a complete package of my design
work used for the 2012 EEWC-Christian Feminism Today conference.