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About this Project

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JanettMarie is a very talented, post-impressionist painter who creates bold contemporary paintings with color and personality. She's also fairly tech-savvy, with computer graphic skills and the ability to navigate a CMS website's back end. She wanted the ability to update the site herself, and with her computer skills I was sure she would be equal to the task.

I created a website that utilized a WordPress framework and two different themes. The home page (and you really should VISIT the site to see the way the home page works) features the paintings she is offering for sale online, and uses a really different, funky theme in which the images move and reorganize themselves depending on where you click. The rest of the site utilizes a different theme which works in a more standard fashion.

The fun front page offers the user an interesting experience, while the rest of the site is predictably comfortable and easy easy to navigate.


JanettMarie's website features:

  • "Paintings for Sale" home page (with integrated PayPal purchase functionality - customized PayPal payment pages).
  • A separate portfolio of paintings to illustrate her depth as a painter. The gallery is user-sortable by a variety of options set by the artist (color, size, theme, etc...). Clicking on an individual painting opens a larger image.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • A variety of standard pages (About, Artist Statement, Contact, etc...)
  • A blog where JanettMarie posts frequently about her works in progress and teaching activities. The blog has RSS subscription capabilities (even allowing users to sign up to receive posts as emails), commenting to allow visitor interaction, and Feedburner integration.
  • Stats reporting through Google Analytics.
  • CircleWebWorks tech support, ensuring that questions are answered promptly, and the site is constantly updated and monitored for functional efficiency.