Julie D. Lee


About the Project

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Julie D. Lee, LCSW needed a website that would attract clients to her therapy practice. The contents of the site would not change frequently and she was fine with me doing and updates. So we went with a standard HTML site.

It was important for me to create a website that would accurately portray the fundamental nature of her counselling work. That way, people who would be attracted to her website would probably be very comfortable with her presence and counseling methods. Together we selected a laid-back, earthy, personal feel for the site. Julie provided me with answers to lots of questions, so I was able to use a first person narrative approach to the site content.

It ended up working out very well, as most people who contact Julie through the site end up coming to her for therapy.

Her practice is in Austin, Texas, a very tech savvy town. Lots of other therapists had great websites up, most of them well optimized to get top results from search engines. Even with excellent optimization I was unable to crack the top 10 on Google search results.

Incoming links from other well ranked sites, and the frequency with which users click a link on the results pages are both important factors in determining site ranking. Significant incoming links and user click throughs tend to be built up over time, so with a new site, it's a sometimes a brick wall, impossible to get around.

In this case I decided the best thing to do was to hook Julie's website up with a Google AdWords account targeting local searches for "counselling" and "therapy." This program has proved to be very successful, and Julie has been pleased with the results.

Julie D. Lee's website features:

  • Search engine optimization.
  • A standard, attractive design for all main website pages.
  • Integration with Google AdWords.
  • CircleWebWorks tech support, ensuring that questions are answered promptly, and the site is constantly updated and monitored for functional efficiency.