Virginia Ramey Mollenkott


About the Project

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Dr. Virginia Ramey Mollenkott is a visionary pioneering voice in GLBT rights and Christian Feminism.

Virginia's web presence had previously been managed by a well meaning person who didn't have all the necessary skills. When I took over Virginia's web administration, there was more than one fragment site (older sites that had become dated and broken) and her primary domain name ( had fallen into someone else's hands.

Virginia is a controversial figure in Christianity, and unfortunately some people work to make things unpleasant for her (including refusing to allow her to regain control of her domain name).

I got Virginia's web presence under her control and defensively registered several other domain names for her. I designed a simple to navigate website that made several of her lectures, articles, videos, and book reviews available to site visitors.

This website was designed in standard HTML because Virginia was happy to let me do site updates. I optimized the site to achieve good search results for a variety of targeted terms. We wanted to make sure that women and GLBT people looking for help, for reassurance in the face of religious condemnation, could find Virginia's welcoming message of acceptance hope.

Virginia Mollenkott's website features:

  • Search engine optimization.
  • A standard, attractive design for all main website pages.
  • Integrated video presentations.
  • CircleWebWorks tech support, ensuring that questions are answered promptly, and the site is constantly updated and monitored for functional efficiency.