The Wigglebutt Doghouse


About the Project

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The Wigglebutt Doghouse had an existing standard HTML website the owner had designed and posted himself. As soon as this doggie daycare and boarding business opened it was clear it would be a great success. Soon a website update was desired, and the Wigglebutt Doghouse turned to CircleWebWorks to make it happen.

The Wigglebutt Doghouse wanted a website with a playful look rich with images, as they are known on Facebook for their great dog pictures and funny captions. Since the owner was technically savvy I figured a CMS website would be ideal, since that would enable him to do many of the site updates himself.

I recreated the look and feel of the site from scratch, optimized the new site for the best possible search engine performance, added online daycare/boarding applications and contact forms, and created several fun image galleries.


The Wigglebutt Doghouse website features:

  • Fun, playful, fuctional, and easy to navigate design.
  • CMS system to enable client to more easily perform simple updates.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • CircleWebWorks tech support, ensuring that questions are answered promptly, and the site is constantly updated and monitored for functional efficiency.