multi-page artist site with image gallery and blog

Martha Lindenborg Vaught

Martha's art boldly tells the viewer a story, demanding your attention.

I used a dramatic black, white, and bright red pallet, with bold pull quotes and statements to reinforce what Martha’s work is all about.  

Work Summary

Site Design and Layout

Logo Design

User Interface Design


Text Editing

Relationship Summary

Martha has been a client for several years, ever since I met her through my work with the Stutz Artists Association.  She and my wife share a love of horses, and Martha creates great images of horses so I always seemed to end up spending time in her studio while Lisa looked at her art. Martha’s current website is the first site I’ve designed for her, but since we’ve been working together she has supplied the cover art for a book written by another of my clients.

Client Statement

“I have complex notions about what my images mean and I leave clues about MY perspective, but I hope you take these works, through your mind’s eye, to interesting and satisfying  places.”


Besides general information about Martha Lindenborg Vaught and her work, this website features both an image gallery and a blog. The site was created early in 2016.  Martha posts her own blog entries.

Martha’s home page (shown below) is composed of a rotating display of images, followed by general information about her work and a button link to find out more.  Links into her image gallery, her blog, and her contact page are also provided.

Martha’s “About” page (immediate left) provides the reader with more specific information about Martha including a bio, links to press reports, and an exhibition history.  The contact page, shown below, has the usual information.