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Social Media Integration

It used to be that you could put up a good website, search engine optimized, and the clients/customers/fans would come to you. But the web has changed, users have changed, technology has changed.

These days you've got to move TO your audience. You've got to go find them on Facebook, you've got to catch their attention on Twitter, you've got to let them see and hear you on iTunes and YouTube, you've got build their confidence by making sure you have good reviews, you've got to help them find you by putting up a compelling Google Local listing, and you've got to send them professional looking special offers and updates via an email marketing campaign.

You can't just say, "I need someone to put up a website for me." In order to be successful you have to say, "I need to find a web professional to help me handle our web presence." You need someone to can help you with the content, the look, and the functioning of websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes and email marketing services. You can't afford seven different specialists. But you might just be able to afford me, someone who is a writer, a web professional, an audio engineer, a graphic designer, and a photographer.

You don't just need a webmaster anymore. You need someone like me, someone who can code, write, design and manage your entire web presence. And I'm talking about both the web of today, and the web of tomorrow.

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